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I though we could never change our lives after 12 years together but now we are more independent and at the same time more together.

Richard and Ken.

Gay Couple Counselling

Couple or relationship counselling allows you to sort out your relationship problems in a safe and calm environment. Many issues are not dealt with at home for a variety of reasons. If bickering is taking place it is best to sort this out asap. A lot of couples leave counselling until the last moment which makes things a lot tougher.


Communication is misfiring

Scared To Bring Up Important Issues

Feeling Lonely In The Relationship

Can Not Resolve Any Issue Without Fighting

Unable To Commit To Future Plans Together

No Longer Having Sex

Need To Negotiate Sex Outside Relationship

Feeling Anxious About The Relationship

Having a healthier relationship can be obtained with couple counselling. Effective counselling is a no blame environment. (Observations not criticisms.)

 Affordable. Don’t Leave It Too Late – Let’s get some work underway.

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Individual Counselling

Being single in the gay world brings many benefits and lots of challenges. Personal issues like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addiction, self-esteem problems and sexual concerns are common. There are many ways with talking therapy, interventions and self-regulation techniques where you can personally manage these issues so much better and have a fuller more enjoyable gay life.


Feeling Generally Lost

Addicted to Sex Platforms & Feeling Empty

Feeling Sad 

Feeling In A Gay Rut – Groundhog Days

Not Feeling Close to Anyone

Lost Interest In Things

Unsure About The Future

Having Sex  Doubt

Wanting a Relationship

Addicted to Casual Sex – Scared of Commitment

Come for a session and see how you can change these feelings and behaviours.

It could be the best thing you do this year. Affordable. Let’s have a chat and see where it goes..

Nothing to lose.

M 07450 746534

Addiction Counselling

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work done together. I feel like a completely different person and others are saying the same. I couldn’t have done it without your calm and understanding nature, which made an embarrassing situation easier to handle.

Steve 2015

Depression Counselling

Depression is common in the human condition. Life brings with it ups and downs that affect our mental well being. Most of us feel down for a while but with positive self-talk and time we heal ourselves. However if your lose interest in doing things and people, feel hopeless, can not sleep well, with this lasting more than 2 weeks, it is time to seek help. Depression is selfish on us and our relationships. Take action with better management.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is that awful feeling where our minds create all sorts of negative imagined fearful scenarios. The best way to deal with anxiety is to understand it, know where it comes from, confront it and never fight it. (If not you end up with a cycle of worrying about the anxiety.) Positive treatments are readily available for you to manage your anxiety or panic attacks so much better.

Sex Therapy

Sexual confidence is complicated with many unrealistic expectations on what is normal. Adding to this, common dysfunctions such as: premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, loss of desire, painful intercourse or couple intimacy issues are rarely openly discussed with others. Sitting with a professional counsellor in strict confidence is very beneficial.

Hello I’m Gerry North, university qualified and professionally registered counsellor with (BACP) specialising in gay issues, couples and individuals, with rooms in central London. Tottenham Court (Bloomsbury) – Mayfair – Maida Vale.

Gerry North B.Ed. Post Grad Dipl Counselling MACA BACP UK
Give me a call 07450 746534 or email your issue/s I will respond to you asap.