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I know of couples that have been together for many years and still do not have a shared bank account. So how much do you financially share in a relationship? Well you could have a joint bank account for commonly used goods, like food and holidays. There are definite positive emotional outcomes for couples sharing […]


Surely having a good wank over some Internet porn can do us no harm but when does it turn into an unhealthy addiction, where you just can’t stop yourself doing it. It is very easy to become addicted to porn. The brain releases chemicals like serotonin and dopamine during sexual activity and it makes us […]

Help, My Partner is Drinking Too Much!

So what do you do if you find your partner has upped the anti and is drinking much more than usual? And because you drink with them, you find your own drinking at an uncomfortable level. Well unfortunately you can try to make your partner cut down but in the end if they do not […]

Alcohol and Depression

When we drink alcohol the party gets going and it all seems great but the ending is not always so. When we begin to drink we get an instant celebratory high but if we keep drinking, drinking and drinking the night can become weird. We can end up having: forgettable sex, shameful behaviours, feelings of […]

If Only I Was the Person My Dog Thinks I Am

A cute saying but maybe we are already the person our dog thinks we are. Maybe deep down however we fail to congratulate ourselves, for not only surviving as a gay person in a straight world, but also failing to appreciate our personal life successes. I am convinced we don’t love ourselves enough and in […]