Surely having a good wank over some Internet porn can do us no harm but when does it turn into an unhealthy addiction, where you just can’t stop yourself doing it. It is very easy to become addicted to porn. The brain releases chemicals like serotonin and dopamine during sexual activity and it makes us feel good. The problem is the brain doesn’t know if it is porn or the real thing. So if you are doing porn more than your boy friend, it might get in the way of your intimacy. For intimacy to continue you are best releasing the yummy brain chemicals together – and there is the added bonus of keeping it up more if you haven’t wanked a lot.

If you are single you might give up on finding a partner if addicted to porn. The brain receives unrealistic images of men that produce stimulation and excitement. Conditioning the brain this way can result in not getting it up when meeting ordinary guys.

There are some of us who are completely addicted to porn sex where they can’t do anything else like work properly, see friends, play sport and go out and find someone. Giving up a sex habit, that has become an addiction, is difficult because it can now become your brains way of soothing hurt, anxiety or loneliness. In the end only you can determine if porn is an addictive habit where you are not in control, where it becomes an automatic ‘Go To” behaviour in times of  emotional discomfort and you find yourself staying at home too much.

Here are some symptoms where porn addiction might be a problem: feeling out of control and hopelessness, loss of self-esteem, keeping secrets from boy friends and others, loss of interest in other activities, sleep disturbances, feeling isolated and lonely and you just can’t get out of the house like you used to. Also ask yourself these questions:

What is this addiction to porn robbing me of?

How would my life look if I no longer had this addiction?

How would I feel if free from this addiction?

If you think you are addicted to porn or other sex activities, where you no longer have a diverse life and where you lack control, then you can learn to reverse the situation. It is time to do something about it for your own mental health. Avoidant behaviour, such as porn addiction, is based on fear. If you are fearful you cannot be curious about the world and enjoy what life has to offer.

Investigating why you have become addicted to porn takes time. Most addicted people have tried giving up but the strong drive inevitably returns and with it personal disappointment. If it is because of anxiety, stress and self-esteem issues it is best to look at these first. Once you are aware of why you are driven to this addiction you are able to nut out management ideas to tackle it. Finding a plan B with other positive activities, that make you feel good, will give you back your life.