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We have all been swamped with negative media stories night and day about the Coronavirus. It is and has been a terrible thing with much human tragedy. The world will be a much different place when things subside into a new normal.


Self-isolation is a responsible theme we live by to protect ourselves and others. It has brought about behaviour change in all of us and it has provided a way of us thinking about new ways of being. (So many more bikes have been purchased for exercise, understanding that exercise is essential for wellbeing)


A positive element of this crisis is finding new ways to experience life in the future. Maybe work less, exercise more, eat better, communicate more with family and friends, experience life in the now rather than catastrophizing negative outcomes, learning to meditate, planning a more relaxing lifestyle that might mean having less and generally being more connected to the now – existential life.


I know that is a lot to think about. Put simply maybe this is a good time to dream the new dream for us personally and for those in relationships that need a good tune up. The three important pillars for a successful relationship are trust, sharing each other’s inner worlds (joys and fears) and having shared dreams for a new way of existing.


Having shared dreams is a really positive way of moving forward out of the rut that all relationships get into. Relationships need to wriggle and finding new dreams, both working towards them, bonds a couple towards a new mutual positive force.


Sometimes the dreams do not get fulfilled entirely but the journey starts a new way of being and things will happen that were totally unexpected. The rut is now a road – forward.


The clients that do well are those that write things down, adopt new skills and take time reviewing progress. Writing it all down is the gift for change. Getting a little diary and writing things down is the way to go.


Most of my friends and clients have taken a look at their lives, 3 with the coronavirus, wanting to change their lives when this crisis is over. Can you feel a tap on your shoulder now for a new way of experiencing life?


One last thing which I have spoken of before, the St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney runs anxiety and depression online course with a high level of success. They are providing specific courses to handle the Coronavirus situation from a mental health view and they are all free (previously £30) Here is the link


Keep well and if you need any help with counselling matters email me at; gerrynorthcounsellor@gmail.com. Skype and telephone counselling with support material on any matter freely available.


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